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A.K.A. B's Dummy's

The best training rounds money can buy. 


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B's Dry Fire Snap Caps 38 Special / 357 Mag

B's 38 Special / 357 Mag!

Beautifully laser engraved!

Blue Brass, Blue Nickel, Orange Brass, & Orange Nickel available immediately!

Oh yea...

Dual rackin' some 

B's "Low Brass Blue"

In a DP-12



B-Unique Enterprises, Inc. began in 2013 with a simple idea.  We wanted to make the best training rounds that money can buy, all at an affordable price.  When we use the term "best", we don't mean in some loose, gimmicky, marketing sense of the word.  We mean truly the best in every way possible: 


Fit, form, function, aesthetics, durability... every way.   

However, what good is it to have a great product that people can't afford?  Or, a mediocre product that is cheap and "does the job", but looks like, or may have actually been, reclaimed at a shooting range?

So we've worked incredibly hard. Constantly improving, adapting, and listening to and working with our customers.  We're striving to enable all freedom loving people the ability to safely train themselves and others in the appropriate usage of firearms.  


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Questions? Issues? Please read our FAQ section first prior to contacting us, since the most common shipping / order / product questions are already covered there in detail.  FAQ link is at the bottom of the page... 


Want to request a new caliber? Reach out anytime!  However, please note that if a caliber is not already listed, it is not available for sale. 






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